Six reasons to use a travel agent

The top reason to use a travel agent is “we have your back!” Recently we had the pleasure of planning a Disney trip for the C family. They opted to split their party at the gate due to vouchers being given in exchange for their seats. Airlines will sometimes pay you for your seat when their flight is over sold. The two travelers who stayed behind were re-accommodated on a later flight. This presented a problem for the  4 travelers who were now in California and anxious to meet Mickey and Minnie. The ticket counter wouldn’t let them pick up tickets with out the primary person there. We called our vendor and after a couple transfers we were able to get the tickets released to their oldest daughter. Thanks C family for letting us plan your Disney getaway ~ It was a pleasure serving you. The other five reasons you may want to consider a travel agent are found below!

IMG_6292 Possibilities – Travel agents have relationships that are not available through third party booking. Do any of us prefer automated systems to good old fashioned human touch? Personally when I call a company the last thing I want is an automated system assisting me with my questions and solving my problems. I want to be reassured that someone understands what I’m looking for in my travel experience and takes care to make sure that happens. Using a travel agent adds the human connection you are looking for when making your travel plans.

Familiarity – FAM trips are common in the travel industry. These trips are used to help travel agents become familiar with various locations and amenities they have to offer. First-hand knowledge of your desired destination is a good reason you would want to work with a travel consultant. In collaboration our agents have visited six of the seven continents.

Budget – Unlike booking online, travel agents are able to help you budget. Many times there is the option to make a down payment, then make smaller payments until final payment is due. If you plan 3 to 6 months in advance you will enjoy less stress when it comes to financing your vacation.

Details – Travel agents can help you sort through the costs and various documents needed to travel. They will know the expenses upfront, helping you avoid hidden fees. Passports, Visas, and security questions regarding the country you are visiting can be handled with the help of an agent also.

Guidance and networks – Peace of mind is something to consider as an added benefit of using a travel consultant. Our professional guidance and network of vendors help you in many ways. We specialize in creating an experience that will make life time memories, and help you stay on budget. Call us here at Journey Travel, we would be glad to use our thirty plus years of networks and experience to assist you in booking an airline ticket to California, or planning your dream trip to Paris.

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–          Journey Travel, where your journey begins.

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