Virtual World Travel

Gather your family for an adventure traveling the world, via the world wide web! We have a special website to share with you today. UNESCO;  stands for United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization. One of the many things this organization does is work to manage World Heritage Sites. This resource is one of the best for exploring these destinations by way of virtual travel. The pictures and descriptions are just stunning. Once you have entered the site, go to the tab that is marked themes, there you will drop down a menu, choose “Protecting our heritage and fostering creativity“, once you are on that page, find a link on the right that says World Heritage, click on that you will see a link on the right for “The List”. You may choose to search by map or by the list provided. There are actually criteria that must be met before being added to the list. Click here to see how sites are chosen to be part of the World Heritage Sites.

Geography activity: get a world map, hang it on the wall, tag or mark the places you have visited via the web with a push pin. This is a fun way for your kids to learn geography!

Nothing can take the place of actually standing on the steps of Taj Mahal but visiting via UNESCO is a close second. Don’t forget to check out the videos they provide under each of the respective sites.

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