Somewhere He opens a window

“When the Lord closes the door, somewhere He opens a window” – Maria Von Trap, Sound of Music 1965 Robert Wise Production.

Have you ever had to make a decision to “shut the door”? It can cause stress that keeps you up at night trying to decide what’s best. Should you slowly shut the door, or slam it quick? It’s not always easy to make that decision but I’ve found it to be true that when a door is closed a window usually opens. spring break I left Delta Air Lines a few months ago in an effort to keep my family life manageable. I truly enjoyed working there and the benefits it afforded my family.  I didn’t have an easy time closing that door… but alas the window to a new opportunity opened here at Journey Travel. The generous owner, Jene’e Bearden, hired me. Before I left Delta, I was looking forward to going to summit, an all expenses paid trip that Delta awards to its top agents.  This year it was scheduled to take place in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. I left Delta and therefore forfeited my trip. Hoseney FamilyMy family  was far more important. Right before Christmas a big window opened for me  through my new employer; I won a 6 night stay in Riviera Maya, Mexico through one of our vendor programs. Coincidence? Maybe, but my husband and I are feeling grateful to spend our 21st wedding anniversary at the all inclusive Sirenis Resort. We had a few sky miles to burn , so our trip ends up being essentially free! Have you ever closed a door and found an open window?

Thanks for stopping by today.

Sincerely, Angela Hoseney

Travel Consultant

Journey Travel ~ Where your journey begins


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