World Travel Wednesday – Mykonos

 Photo by: Journey Travel Owner – Jene’e Bearden                                                  Princess Cruises – Grand Mediterranean Adventure

The Cycladic island of Mykonos may be the most famous of the Greek Islands. A beautiful bay, gentle sun and gorgeous Greek vistas surround the striking cosmopolitan lifestyle of Mykonos. The luxury hotels, and fabulous nightlife keeps travelers coming for a first look and then returning for more.

Mykonos has long been the playground of the rich and famous, with the international jet set playing on its streets and creating its nightlife. But if your tastes trend more to lovely beaches, Greek village architecture and an activity level that buzzes rather than roars, you will find everything you are looking for in Mykonos.

  • Mykonos received over a million visitors each year, and the high season is mid-July and August when the rest of Europe decides to pay the island a visit. Early July is an ideal time to travel to Mykonos. The island is hopping but it’s still possible to get a seat at a good restaurant and a room without paying premium prices.
  • Visiting in September or October is a smart way to travel as well. The island’s activity has slowed down and the streets are easier to navigate with fewer people in the shops and restaurants.
  • During the winter the island is the setting for several cultural events, and with the island’s excellent museums makes the off season very attractive to those who prefer a quieter, more cultural visit.
  • The beaches of Mykonos are pristine and popular with travelers from all over Europe. But it’s the towns that many come for. There’s romance in the air everywhere and strolling along the streets, sipping coffee and dining at a taverna is enough activity to fill anyone’s “to do” list.
  • The town of Hora glows with a warm, Cycladic glow. Bordered on two sides by the bay, the main squares Plateia Mantos Mavroyenous, Plateia Tria Pigadia, and Plateia Laka are the village’s meeting places and center of town life. The old fortress on the island and the church known as the Lady of the Postern Gate are two of the most famous buildings on the island. Most travelers immediately recognize the windmills of Kata Myli.
  • “Little Venice” is the small group of homes that hang over the water’s edge and look out over the bay.

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