5 Tips – Happy Kid Travels!

We have one more month to travel with our kids before school starts. What do your plans include?  We hope these helpful tips make your trip more enjoyable!

Top 5 tips for traveling with kids;

kids travel 1Rest = happy traveler             Get good rest leading up to departure. There is nothing worse than tired grumpy travelers.

Comfort = happy traveler   Dress comfortable and in layers. If you have an infant pack pacifiers and bottles. This helps their ears adjust to cabin pressure.

Time = happy traveler           Give yourself plenty of time to check in and get to the gate. Running through the airport with three kids in tow is not fun! If it’s a road trip you’re on, expect more frequent stops for kids to stretch and play.

Entertainment = happy traveler                                                                                Have a magic bag of tricks : Each kid has their own special back pack with snacks, chewing gum or gummy bears (to help ears adjust to cabin pressure) , electronics (iPod, iPad, or Leapster), a good book, a small blanket or pillow. Our 4 year old likes a color book and crayons. Also some kids may have anxiety about flying. Pack a favorite toy or stuffed animal to comfort them. These items are also nice for down time in the hotel room.

Adventure = happy traveler                                                                                       Talk about your trip, calling it “Your Adventure” ; where are we going , what kind of travel adventure do they want ? Some kids like to know what to expect, it helps ease any anxiety they may have about their upcoming travel.

If your family needs help planning a getaway don’t hesitate to call us. We would be glad to get your adventure started.

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4 Tips for Hassle-Free Travel

Guatemala06 270In collaboration with Collette Vacations

The travel experience isn’t always perfect. But with the right attitude and these tips you can simplify your trip and avoid any hang-ups at the airport. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) works to ensure that travelers are safe, and abiding by the law.

  1. De-clutter your carry-on bag ahead of time. Make it easy for the transportation security officers. Uncomplicated works for you and them.
  2. Have no more than 3oz of liquid per bottle in your carry on. (no aerosols)
  3. Stay within the baggage allowance. Those rules change. Do yourself a favor and check ahead. We have link on our web page to assist you with this. Flight Check-in and Baggage
  4. Give yourself plenty of time. Whether it’s getting to the airport, visiting a museum on a free day during an escorted tour or grabbing a meal, I swear by this bit of advice

What is one of your favorite travel tips? We would love to hear from you.

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